Package graphics.glimpse.hud.dsl


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interface HudElementsBuilder

Builder of HUD elements.

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class HudElementsBuilderDelegate(val gl: <Error class: unknown class>, val disposables: <Error class: unknown class>) : HudElementsBuilder

Concrete builder of HUD elements to be used as a delegate by other builders.

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data class Padding(    val left: Int = 0,     val top: Int = 0,     val right: Int = 0,     val bottom: Int = 0)

HUD padding.

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class QuadBuilder

Builder of a quad element of HUD.


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fun <Error class: unknown class>.glimpseHud(    width: Int = 1,     height: Int = 1,     init: HudElementsBuilder.() -> Unit): GlimpseHudCallback

Builds a new GlimpseHudCallback, containing tree of elements defined in the init block.